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P C 30/05/2018
Just back from wonderful week in Sorrento. The people we met in hotel (Capri) and many restaurants were among the most helpful and friendly I have met on any previous holiday. Even car drivers gave way to pedestrians graciously

Lindsay heard 31/10/2017
We dropped into the tourist office on 30th October.
We didn't get the name of the lovely lady who helped us, but she told us she has worked there for a long time. She was so helpful and friendly. Just one more pleasant experience we have had whilst in Sorrento. Thank you

Hunter 20/07/2016
Grazie to Fabiola for helping us source the bus from Sant'agnelo to Colli di Fontanelle. Also for the train schedule to and from Napoli. It is great that people care enough about us tourists to set up and staff this tourist information service - well done folks.

goran stefanovic 04/07/2016
I contacted Sorrento Tourist Office to get informations about one of Sorrento's artists and I received a quick, complete, accurate and kind response from Mrs. Fabiola!
Sorrento is a so beautiful town, and so are the people who work in STO! Thank you very much!

Ginetto B. 28/06/2016
L'aiuto della gentilissima sig.ra Fabiola Fasulo è stato preziosissimo. Non so come ringraziarla. mi

Paul Evans 06/06/2016
I would like to say how grateful I am to Fabiola for all the help I received. I have sent a few requests regarding aspects of my upcoming stay at Sorrento and Fabiola was very helpful in answeing them. I am looking forward to calling into the Tourist Information to extend my thanks and...... Ask afew more questions. Thank you Fabiola



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Data: 2011-08-26 23:46:28
Nome: Whitney Perks


Me and my partner just spent a wonderful 7 days in Sorrento. Will hopefully be returning again soon. Beautiful weather and views throughout Sorrento along with the lovely people we met totally made our time there unforgetable. For anyone going there soon I guarantee you will fall in love with the place as we had.
Stayed in hotel Settimo Ceillo, prior to our holiday we read some really negative reviews of the hotel, however it was not as bad as was made out to be, very helpful and welcoming staff with excellent service, yes the hotel does need a makeover but it is very basic, however what sort of room do you need when on holiday? Beautiful scenery from the hotel itself and the pool area was lovely. Rest-assured to those who will be stopping there, it is also a lovely 5 min walk into town with views on the way.
Loved the limencello there.. it must be tried. I reccomend the hotel riveira restaurant, inexpensive and beautiful alongside amazing service.
Hope you have a good holiday as we did!

Whitney Perks




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