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The Sorrentine Peninsula

Sorrento peninsula has a landscape unique in the world, where low and high hills, deep valleys and majestic mountains alternate, where the man’s work - who levelled even the most impervious areas, transforming them in the famous terraces degrading towards the sea, on which he cultivated orange and lemon trees, olive groves and vineyards - has been grandiose. These are the delightful gardens that in spring time exhale a stirring scent of orange - blossom. The mild and dry climate for most part of the year makes Sorrento peninsula the ideal destination in every season.
Reaching it by land, the first town you will find on your way is Meta, whose ancient farmhouses and sunny beaches are a treasure to disclose.
Piano di Sorrento is a lively town that masterly combines its maritime and rural identity to the role of active trade centre of the Peninsula. High walls that once enclosed old citrus groves run along narrow lanes that cross its low hill.
And Sant’Agnello, on the tuff ridge right on the sea, enchanted the royal family of the Bourbons and the princes of all Europe, who built there fabulous villas. And, just on the sea, surrounded by hills, appears Sorrento, international town, with its old city centre, its sea-shore, its citrus groves. Finally the pleasant Massa Lubrense, extreme border of the Peninsula, just in front of Capri, a natural oasis with countless foot-paths among ancient farmhouses, archaeological areas, Mediterranean bush and indescribable landscapes, on enchanting sea and beaches.


In this enchanting village aristocrats and intellectuals built villas by the tuff terrace overlooking the bay of Naples.
The town is inviting for long, quiet and peaceful holidays, offering any comforts with its vast range of accommodations.
It’s pleasant to walk  around in the historical centre to discover beautiful gardens, panoramic points, old churches and lemon grooves.



The “OASI IN CITTA’ “, is a natural Oasis in Sant’Agnello city centre. An open garden of 4000 square Kilometers covering a parking area, 6000 different plants, of almost 70 different species, all indigenous can be found there. It’s a flourished Mediterranean scrub hosting different species of birds, such as blue tits, hoopoe and warblers has already settled there, near the pond and its marvelous flora.
The OASIS, managed by the World Wild Foundation for nature “Terre del Tirreno”, is open to the public every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, from 10.00 am to 12.30pm and from 4.30 pm to 7.30 pm ( Seasonal times to verify)
Guided tours can be booked every Wednesday and Friday
Closed on Monday

Info & Booking : Phone 081.8072533 - E-mail
Sant'Agnello_Villa Niccolini
Sant'Agnello - Viale dei Pini

Piano di Sorrento

On a natural terrace of tuff rock, this place was beloved by the Emperor Augustus and many Romans during the Imperial Age as well as celebrated by famous writers such as Plinius and Horace.
Visit the “Georges Vallet” archaeological museum of the Sorrento Peninsula in Villa Fondi, from its garden a wonderful landscape. 

Piano di Sorrento
Piano di Sorrento - Porto
Piano di Sorrento - Villa Fondi
Panorama di Meta
Panorama da Meta


A lovely holiday resort and bathing destination, enchanting, sandy beaches: Marina di Meta and Alimuri. Do not miss the “Santa Maria del Lauro” basilica and the old historical centre where traditional feast, interesting cultural events and festivals are organized every year


Massa Lubrense

An holiday resort covering a large area with 18 beautiful villages each one offering different and unique landscapes.

Sant’Agata sui due Golfi set on the hill between the bays of Naples and Salerno, the magical and unspoilt  Bay of Jeranto and the Punta Campanella, opposite to Capri, the final tip of the Sorrento peninsula.

This territory characterised by Mediterranean bush, typical cultivation and coasts just on the sea, constitutes one of the main tourist resources of Sorrento Peninsula.

One the activities promoted in this view has been the localisation and delimitation of a series of foot-paths. In 1990, in the sole commune of Massa Lubrense were localised 22 foot itineraries for an overall development of an area of about 110 km far from the carriage road and by the built-up area.

Along these paths, clearly indicated, it is possible to rediscover enchanted places rich in historical memories, panoramic points and ancient hamlets, the whole through lemon-orchards, olive-groves, oak-woods, sunny coasts and a luxuriant and evergreen nature, typical of the whole Sorrento Peninsula.

Massa Lubrense - Marina della Lobra
Massa Lubrense - Baia di Jeranto
Massa Lubrense - Torre di Crapolla

Photos by Agostino Di Maio



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