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SORRENTOWEB.NET is the site that accompanies you in the many monuments, churches and museums on the coast, with many graphics cards that identify every monument you are looking at.

The opportunity to visit the monuments with a perspective in 3d, for example go to the Correale Museum of Newfoundland or Sedil Dominova for a VIRTUAL TOUR.

The possibility of visiting Sorrento represented by the Pacichelli Plant ... possible experiences with the computer graphics .... download the PLAN OF THE HISTORIC CENTER OF SORRENTO with some qrcode useful for general information. For all the churches in the historic center, a 3d card with historical - architectural news.

There are also tours to Naples, Pompeii excavations and in the immediate vicinity, chests of such beauty and culture. There are so many new things in the process, the site is always IN PROGRESS, with many interesting virtual reconstructions of monuments and pieces of town, so that you can always offer ideas to visit these wonderful places.

Good trip to the land of the Mermaids ... where the sea meets the mountains and everything is culture



Azienda Autonoma di Soggiorno e Turismo di Sorrento-Sant\'Agnello

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