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Opening hours

On working days, shops are generally open from 9 am to 1 pm in the morning and then from 4 pm to 8 pm in the afternoon, on weekdays and Saturday.  Department stores and supermarket stay open all day from 9/10 am to 7/9 pm throughout the week and some even stay open on Sunday morning. 

Conad        Via Capo, 10  
Decò Italia, 221
Pollio          Via degli Aranci, 157
P&C srl       Via Santa Lucia
Superò        Viale dei Pini, 12
Netto           Via A. Balsamo, 8

 tend to have the same opening hours as other shops; the majority of chemists are closed on Sunday and on national holidays, but every municipal administration organises a rota system to ensure one chemists will be open at any time  Chemists that stay closed are forced to display a sign in the window indicating the nearest open chemists. 

Farfalla   Piazza Tasso                  081-8781349
Limone Italia, 35/37           081-8781174
Russo Italia, 179              081-8772310
Alfani Italia,129               081-8781226

Palagiano                     Via San Sergio 11/13        081-8088766 (Sant’Agnello)
Leogrande Palagiano Italia 31                   081-8781464 (Sant’Agnello)

Banks usually open at around 8:30 am and close at 1:30 pm, and they reopen in the afternoon from 2,30 pm to 3,40 pm  Monday to Friday. ATM SERVICE ALWAYS AVAILABLE

Banca nazionale del Lavoro        Via San Francesco, 5         081-8782283
B. della Campania            Italia, 315                 081-8781094
B. di Credito Popolare                Via degli Aranci, 96           081-8073261/8073262
Monte dei Paschi di Siena           Via degli Aranci, 60           081-8783642
B. Popolare di Bari                     Via degli Aranci, 31           081-8074277/8075711
Banca Sella                               P.zza Angelina Lauro, 35    081-8773847
Banco di Napoli Intesa S.Paolo Italia, 210                 081-5334411
Credem                           Italia, 242                 081-8075853
Deutsche Bank                          P.zza Angelina Lauro, 27    081-8784077/ 8771645/ 8783932
Banco di Napoli Intesa S.Paolo    Via San Renato, 2/10         081-8073207

Banca Cariparma                       Viale Don Minzoni, 15        081-8071875/ 8785989
Banco di Napoli                          Via A.Balsamo, 69             081-8773989
SanPaolo Invest                         Via Crawford, 63               081-8774784/ 8773882/ 8773938

Exchange Offices

Esposito Antonio        Italia, 15                 081-8774759
I Morelli Sas                       Via marina Piccola, 31      081-8073077

Post offices are open all day without a lunch break from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm from Monday to Friday
On Saturday from 8,30 am to 12,30 pm only 

Posta Sorrento    Italia                  081-8770834
Posta Sant’Agnello        P.zza Matteotti            081-8781870



Azienda Autonoma di Soggiorno e Turismo di Sorrento-Sant\'Agnello

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Registered office: Via Santa Lucia, 81 - 80143 NAPOLI
Headquarters: Via Luigi De Maio, 35 - 80067 SORRENTO
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