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National Holidays

Everyone’s on holiday in August. This statement doesn’t really make sense anywhere else in the world, but it is an essential truth in Italy: the majority of Italians goes on holiday in August and, consequently, many shops and restaurants in the large cities close for business for at least part of the month, although there are some undoubted advantages in terms of accessibility to architectural sites, monuments and museums, and the more convenient travel on public transport. Other extended holiday periods are marked by religious festivities: Christmas and Easter. Also, the majority of cities and towns in Italy celebrate their patron saint on a particular day and the religious celebrations often mingle with pagan rites and celebrations, accompanied by the closure of schools and public offices. Alongside the religious festivities, there are also several national holidays which, over the course of the year, are dedicated to pagan celebrations of the republic. During these celebrations, shops remain closed and public offices unfurl the Italian flag.

6th January: Epiphany (or Befana) 
14th February: Sorrento S.Antonino Abate Patron Saint Festivity 
March-April: Easter and Easter Monday (Sunday and Monday) 
15th August: The Assumption (Feast of the Assumption) 
1st November: All Saints Day 
8th December: Immaculate Conception Feast 
14th December: St. Agnello Abate Patron Saint Festivity 
25th December: Christmas 
26th December: St. Stephen’s Day

1st January: New Year’s Day 
25th April: Liberation Day (commemorating the liberation of Italy by Allied troops, marking the end of WWII) 
1st May: May bank holiday (very popular among workers, who celebrate this holiday with concerts and events all over Italy)
2nd June: Festival of the Republic (celebrated every day with a military parade hosted in the capital before the President of the Republic)



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