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Georges Vallet Archaeological Museum - Villa Fondi

Georges Vallet Archaeological Museum - Villa Fondi

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Address Via Ripa di Cassano, 1 - 80063 Piano di Sorrento
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This museum is located in the neoclassical Villa Fondi di Sangro, surrounded by a beautiful park overlooking the bay of Naples. The museum exhibits sculptures and architectural decorations from prehistoric ages to Roman times. Noteworthy are two marble heads, glass containers for balms and perfumes and terracotta the vases with red figures. The rooms of the villa contain illustrations of the prehistoric age, with caves and settlements, as well as information and findings from the digs in the area of Trinità (this is where a settlement from the II millennium B.C. was found)
Some examples of archaic sculpture and architecture, Doric tuff capitals, archaic and classical necropolises from the surrounding areas, with various tomb furnishings relating to them. Objects found in the digs of ancient Sorrento and its necropolises; the extraordinary reconstructions in scale of Villa of Pollius Felix; the archaeological remains of the Villa at Capo di Massa (Villazzano), an the colossal marble statue found in Sorrento in 1971 of a female figure probably from the Imperial age.

Georges Vallet Archaeological Museum
Georges Vallet Archaeological Museum
Georges Vallet Archaeological Museum

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Tuesday to Sunday 09:00 am - 06:30 pm
Closed on Monday Free Entrance

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